Mission & Values

With its slogan,“Choose Difference” to suggest a selective life and a comfortable future for its customers stands as the mission of PAY Group LLC

Our values:

Environmentally sustainability: During the selection of brands considered for the import to our country we especially prefered eco-friendly brands and products, at the same time as the main focus of the services we provide is based on the reduction of negative impact on the environment to a minimum.

Reliability, quality and customer satisfaction: We appreciate to get the reliance of customers and the brands that we represent and ensure our customers with the quality as our core values and as a result, customer satisfaction is a very important notion for us.

Honesty, Professionalism and employee loyalty: Our mutual honesty policy between the human resource and the company describes our professionalism by increasing the efficiency of the services. Steps we have taken towards formation of the priciple of loyality to the company are increasing the number of satisfied employees and in turn satisfied customers.

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