Our partners

Doors are manufactured in Russia.
Entrance doors of any level of complexity from manufacturer No. 1 in Belarus.
Torex - is a company with a 30-year history of growth and development, the No. 1 brand in Russia for the production of entrance doors.
Belarusian brand which accepts applications for manufacture of any type of doors including custom designs for your own door.
One of the largest Russian factories for the production of interior wooden doors, wall panels and sliding doors.
Russian interior and exterior door factory.
Russian factory specializing in the manufacture of fire-resistant windows, doors, partitions and stained-glass windows.
A worldwide point of reference for the true Made in Italy within the door handles field.
Production of high quality handles, exclusively in Italy.
Style and harmony - it's all there in Italian brand door handle.
Designs and creates fine wallpapers in Darwen, England.
SK Filson Limited is a British wallpaper company who has fresh and innovative designs.
The oldest and largest wallcovering producer in the United States, which can be found across 85 countries worldwide.
Gran Parte - Russian manufacturer of engineered parquet boards based on Italian technologies.