About us

Our history

By decisions of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and high rate of economic development in country creates favorable conditions for the expansion of the private sector in order to support business activities in the creation and development of new entrepreneurship.

Founded in 2011, PAY Group LLC is a group of companies covering a variety of business sectors. Since founding PAY Group LLC specialized in the construction and engineering sector of Azerbaijan market. During this time, the company was able to prove its competitive advantage with a large number of high-quality works.

No matter they are the huge complexes or small objects built by our company all is designed by a highly skilled architects – designers and built by a professional builder – engineers.

Beside of the successful projects in the construction and engineering sector Pay Group LLC has already been specialized in franchising sector and gained the reliance of worldwide famous brand owners.

The showrooms which are operating under PAY Group LLC:

  • Fortex showroom - realizing the retail sales of a number of construction and all types of interior design products by appealing to the luxury segment;

Mission and Values

With its slogan,“Choose Difference” to suggest a selective life and a comfortable future for its customers stands as the mission of PAY Group LLC.

Our values:

  • Environmentally sustainability: During the selection of brands considered for the import to our country we especially prefered eco-friendly brands and products, at the same time as the main focus of the services we provide is based on the reduction of negative impact on the environment to a minimum.
  • Reliability, quality and customer satisfaction: We appreciate to get the reliance of customers and the brands that we represent and ensure our customers with the quality as our core values and as a result, customer satisfaction is a very important notion for us.
  • Honesty, Professionalism and employee loyalty: Our mutual honesty policy between the human resource and the company describes our professionalism by increasing the efficiency of the services. Steps we have taken towards formation of the priciple of loyality to the company are increasing the number of satisfied employees and in turn satisfied customers.


PAY Group LLC comprehend its Corporate Social Responsibility in all the spheres of its activities and the sustainable development of our country stands on the focus of our business.

Each of our imported high-quality construction and interior design products and brands responses to the compliance requirements with its eco-friendly and healthy-compatible compound.